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INKTOBER 2019 | Materials + Supplies

Updated: Sep 29, 2020

Hi again! If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know I have been prepping for Inktober 2019 all this week, as it begins tomorrow! Are you joining in this year? For the first time, I'm going to be doing Inktober exclusively using black and white colors. I also created my own prompt list!

Check it out:

If you are interested in using these prompts for your own Inktober this year, please let me know in the comments below! It would mean a lot to me if you joined in on them with me! I already had a few followers from Instagram say they would join and I want to say again, thank you all so so much! If you don't already follow me on Instagram, I thought I would let you all know I am doing daily shout outs each day for Inktober drawings, and will feature all the drawings that use my prompt. Just @ me in the post and use the hashtag #raineinktoberprompts to get a feature!

Before Inktober is here, I wanted to make a blog post discussing the materials I will be using! I'm really happy with all the items I chose. I really want to use this Inktober to experiment with composition, line width, and contrast. I hope these supplies will will help me accomplish these goals! Scroll down to the bottom to see a picture of all the supplies I mention below used in the sketchbook i'm using this year. It's a sketchbook cover made out of cork I found, which came with an insert of paper, so i'm unsure what kind of paper it is or I would list it below. However, I have used it with the supplies before, and I loved the results!

Here's my supply list:

Copic Multiliner

I just got this 0.5 Copic Multiliner recently and I love it! It's draws so smooth and the size is perfect for my outlines! I do notice that if I erase it right after using it, the black color does lighten, so it needs some time to dry. Anyway, I plan to use this for the majority of my line work this Inktober.

Faber Castell Liners

Faber Castell is definitely my favorite brand of lining pen, I just find the nibs to be better quality than micron pens. This Inktober I mainly plan to use sizes B, 1.5, SC, and XS, though I may use a few others. B is a small brush that adds some nice texture. 1.5 and SC have interesting tips that are more plastic-like, but are cut at interesting angles to make some neat shapes. XS is an extra small which I love to use for details like hair, eyelashes, and hatching. I'll probably use these for details in the linework.

Kurtake Ink Brush

This ink brush is a lot of fun, and I actually enjoy it the more it dries out. I love the interesting textures this pen makes and I love to use it to fill in the backgrounds of pieces or just to add interesting lines and textures.

Dr PH. Martins Black India Ink

Every time I use this ink I get so excited. It's by far the most intense black art supply I've ever seen, and it just goes on so smooth and dark. It's perfect for adding big areas of black to a piece. I also love that it's in the bottle, which means I can use all different sizes of brushes with this ink!

Gray-scale Copics

I got these about a month ago and basically framed my entire Inktober supply list around them! I decided I wanted to do grayscale because of these markers, I just love the way they blend together so seamlessly. When I first got them I created a grayscale piece, which you can see by clicking on the Portfolio section, or by going to my Instagram, @raineydaydoodles. This Inktober I'll use these to add shading and contrast to each piece.

Black Posca Pen

I wanted to add this black Posca pen into the mix because it is a darker black similar to the india ink but is not as difficult or messy to use, so if I needed to add a dark black to a piece while on the go I figured I could use this pen. The only downside is it is more textured and can sort of pill up the paper, so I'll probably use this one more out of necessity because I don't want to bring an ink bottle out with me somewhere.

Mechanical Pencil

For sketching, I'm just using a standard mechanical pencil. Recently I've been using a lot of colored pencils to sketch in my work, but since I want my Inktober pieces to appear totally black and white, I don't want any color from the sketch showing through.

White Gel Pens

Finally, I'm using two white Gel Pens to help bring lighter shades to the piece and to fix any mistakes. The thicker ink is a Uni Ball Signi White Gel Pens, while the thinner is a White Gelly Roll Pen. I'll use both in each piece to add white details.

So those are my Inktober Art Supplies! What supplies are you guys using this year? Let me know down below! To keep up with my artwork this Inktober, follow me on Instagram, and keep up with this blog to hear about the process of a few of my favorite pieces!

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