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Inktober through the Years! | My Inktober art from 2016-2019

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

Hello all! The other day I realized I had Inktober artwork you guys had never even seen! I could have waited to reach the artwork during my Sketchbook Tour posts (which there are currently 3 of!) But I thought, with October coming up, it would be fun to take a look back on the inktober's I have participated in!

I joined Inktober for the first time in 2016, so I have done 4 so far. This year will be my 5th! You can find art from both 2019 and 2018's Inktobers on my Instagram, so I included them in the video but I didn't do close up shots. You just have to scroll back a little bit if you wanna see those old posts and read about the artwork. But as for 2016 and 2017, that is NEVER before seen by you guys, so I included it in the video but also did close ups!

Since I am going ahead and showing this all off now, I will skip showing these sketchbooks as I go in order in my Sketchbook tours. So I will be adding this post in my sketchbook tour section. I made a little flip through video which you can watch if interested in seeing all the artwork fast, it's also on my YouTube if you'd like to speed it up. But I also am going to go in depth on each piece below! Also, sorry for bad lighting, I wanted to get this out before October and the light was terrible today. And I know some of my last posts, and even my new Shop and Character pages, are not at all formatted well for mobile. I am in the process of fixing the pages and have decided to use the wix app when creating blog posts in the hope of better mobile formatting. Anyway, here is the vid:



Let's start with my first ever Inktober - 2016!

I believe I came up with my own prompts on the spot this year, with my main goal being to draw all 31 days of October. I had no specific art supplies I was specifically trying to use so I basically used whatever I felt like, mostly alcohol markers. I only got to day 26 this time around, not bad but not all the way through. But, I've only ever made it all 31 days of Inktober ONCE, so it's not a surprise. Let's dive into the pieces!

Day 1 - Favorite Smell

I think I chose this piece because my favorite smell was coffee, it doesn't completely make sense to me but hey, it started up my yearly redraw series! Every year I redraw this piece around September or October. In fact, I just finished my redraw for this year! You can see it on my Instagram or just by checking the "Portfolio" section of my blog! Anyway, it's still pretty cute. I think I'm most bothered by how low the pockets are on the pants, the sweater was obviously meant to be oversized but the placement of the pockets makes it appear that she has a really long torso. Also, the hands.. but overall it's a cute piece! I think I've improved but honestly, my style isn't too different!

Day 2 - Favorite Book

I remember I chose this prompt specifically because I wanted to draw Great Expectations Fanart, I had just read it at the time and really enjoyed it. I was trying to mix my own style a bit with Tim Burton's for this one, I actually do still like it a lot and I think especially the way I drew Miss Havisham turned out pretty good. This is definitely one I'd love to make again someday but maybe just a big illustration of the Havishams, I love them so much.

Day 3 - Water

I am not sure if this is based on any art in particular, but I was definitely trying to replicate aspects of Elentori's art style in this, so keep that in mind. She was a big inspiration of mine and I think stylistically in the face and colors I was attempting to draw more like her, but I don't think I was mimicking a piece in particular. If so then all credit to Tori.

Day 4 - Favorite Mythical Creature

I also feel like I was referencing the dragon pose here and trying to redraw it in my style. Unfortunately I do not know the original art, but I'm pretty sure I referenced the pose from something.

Day 5 - Princesses

Was trying to hop on board a trend here, haha! I remember seeing so many pieces similar to this on Pinterest at the time and I wanted to try my own with some different princesses than normal, except of course I had to do rapunzel. Not the most original idea but still cute enough I think. It really bothers me how many places I tried to go over ink with white gel pen and it just turned into a muddy gray, eek.

Day 6 - Villain

I think Maleficent had just come out at the time so that's probably why I chose this prompt. I actually still like the way I drew the trees. That hand though.. I'm also noticing a lot of streaky patches of black in this which is kind of sad because big patches of solid black are so satisfying to me, I feel like I was attempting to go for that in this book but ended up failing and having streaky black marker instead.

Day 7 - New Fandom

I had a gelly roll at the time that was my FAVORITE shade of red and perfect for Nancy's jacket so I made this. But I literally used the entire pen making this piece and regretted it immediately after. Almost as tragic as when I accidentally dried out two entire posca pens because I left the caps open for hours..

Day 8 - Literally stuck this in from my Sketchbook.

I didn't draw this for Inktober specifically, if was laying in my Sketchbook and I decided to stick it in because I was still hoping to fill all 31 pages. This was something I made to test out my Tombow markers and was of my OC Thalia at the time. (A lot of aspects of Thalia's character would later become components of Ramona!)

Day 9 - What I did today

I actually think this is a really cute piece and I should redo it sometime, the colors are really cute and I just see so much more potential in it.. also I just love anything to do with Disney and minnie mouse so I just like this one. I wish I hadn't made the hair so oddly scratchy looking though.

Day 10 - Something you're looking forward to

I cannot believe I totally just DIDN'T draw hands on this one. Yeesh! I didn't like this piece at the time and it's not a fave of mine now, but it's cute in idea and something that would be fun to do again maybe.

Day 11 - MBTI type

The art isn't really related to the prompt, but I think the hand and arm I did here is pretty impressive! INFJ is my MBTI type - or at least, it was at the time - so that's why I wrote a little about it. I really like MBTI typing and so I take the test every now and again. Turns out now I'm actually INFP! Which makes sense to me honestly, I do think more P than J I think. I still identify more with INFJ as a whole though so I'm not sure..

Day 15 - Red

Looks like I skipped days 13 and 14. Here I tried basing pieces off of colors, very similar to part of what I am doing this year! This was an attempt to completely redraw a scene from one of my favorite Pixar shorts, Paperman, as accurately as possible. I wasn't necessarily trying to draw in my own style so that's why it looks a tad different. I think it's cute!

Day 16 - Orange

Drew Tessa Violet at the time with her bright orange hair! I'm not as big of a fan of her music anymore but I still think this is really cute and a good representation of her aesthetic at the time as well. It doesn't really look like her too much but still cute.

Day 17 - Yellow

This is probably my favorite of 2016! I think it is a really cute concept, I almost did a similar thing but with pink when I did my all pink artwork last year, but you guys ended up voting for a drive in movie theme instead. I just really like the specific yellow used her and how smoothly it turned out. I like it!

Day 18 - Green

Here is where my motivation really started to fizzle out, I only make it a few more days. I didn't have a lot of green marker options and I remember not really liking the green I chose. I also messed up her face a lot so I had to draw it again and stick it in from another page. Just not my fave and it definitely started my going down hill this year.

Day 19 - Blue

Fanart of Stacy Plays from YouTube, I was a big fan at the time which is funny cause I don't really watch her videos or play minecraft anymore. Interesting seeing how quickly your interests can change I guess. The hands are also a big problem here. It seems I didn't quite understand how pockets worked on pants at the time..

Day 20 - Purple

Jamsine's purple Outfit is my favorite of hers and I don't think I had ever drawn her before this so! Also another hands behind the back piece. I used that pose as an excuse to not draw hands so much I find myself never drawing that pose because now it feels like cheating. I'm actually drawing the pose in my Inktober this year just because hey, it's an actual pose.

Day 21 - Draw a line with your eyes closed, then make a drawing from it

Not much to say about this one, the line reminded me of an octopus so I drew one. I can't remember what happened exactly where I couldn't get ride of that white patch, I think it is white out, but I wanted the whole background to be black.

Day 26 - 25 of something

I obviously missed a bunch of days here, and I tried to start back up with this piece, but here is where I ended. Ah well.

Let's go to 2017!

I used all sorts of mixed media in it, even colored pencils. I didn't make it too many days in and I also think I was making my own prompts if I remember right.

Day 1 - Title Page

Just did a title page for day 1 it seems. It's still pretty nice looking I think but not too much to say about it.

Day 2 - Rain

A little Lilo and Stitch piece! I think I did the background with markers and stitch with pencils. I think it's pretty cute still and I like the colors I chose, it feels very similar to the colors in the movie. And I like the dome shape, it's interesting! This is another one I'd love to redo..

Day 3 - Forest

This is definitely my favorite from 2017!! I think it is so cute and I'd love to do something similar again! I also really like the stylization of the animals actually. I'd definitely do some things differently now but I think overall it's a cute piece and I love the concept.

Day 4 - Expressions

You probably won't be able to tell, but these are actually my OCs Tonya and Ellis which I have drawn on my Instagram account. These are such old versions - they look so different! Anyways, I think the first one is pretty alright but the second is kind of lack luster. Unfortunately expressions have never been my strong suit so I can't say I'd definitely do better now. It feels like I was just drawing to whatever extent I wanted to that day because this one isn't nearly as finished as the first 2.

Day 5 - Victorian

I really love this one as well!! I spent so much time on the lace details and I love how the golden frame turned out. Seriously there are SO many of these I want to redraw! I am pretty sure I based this on a real photo I found, I cannot remember if it was actually Charlotte of Belgium but it could have been. I'm proud of the sideways body as well.

Day 6 - Freebie Friday

Elsa! You can actually see how sparkly it is in this picture, I used a liquid glitter pen on the dress and around the sparkles. This is one of those times where I feel the markers look more blended in real life than they do in this photo, which is something I've experienced with taking photos of traditional art before. It feels like a picture captures the colors in a way that reveals where the colors were blended together, where in real life it looks more blended somehow.

Day 7 - Mushroom

Never been a big fan of this one. It just really doesn't look like she is sitting, and more just kind of floating. Plus the blue in her skirt got unfortunately smudged. I made a new Alice in Wonderland piece in Inktober 2018 that I way prefer, so check it out! (I'll have a link to the 2018 and 2019 pieces at the end.)

Day 8 - Queen

This was originally intended to be a MUCH larger scale piece. I pictured this character and a large dragon walking through a snowy landscape with a large castle burning in the background. I still really like this idea AND this character design and I'd absolutely love to draw what I had hoped to in 2017 but didn't have time to. I really like this character design, the colors, and the concept behind that original piece.

Day 9 - Robot

You can actually find this piece, and a redraw of it, on my Instagram! I posted this as one of my very first posts because I liked it so much at the time. I do really like the way I drew the flowers. It's not my absolute favorite anymore but still really cute!

Day 10 - Drink

The first ever redraw of the original coffee girl! This is actually my least favorite version though. I think it turned out a bit visually boring in my opinion and I think the outfit feels the most dated in terms of my style here with the inclusion of an infinity scarf AND knee high boots. Not something I would really wear anymore but definitely something I would have then, it just dates it for me a bit. But the outfits have really always done that.

Day 13 - Freebie Friday

Says I missed days 11+12. Anyways, this one honestly kind of confused me when I found it in this sketchbook. I don't remember having any original characters, or being interested in any sort of media, that had to do with summer camp at the time. But now I have my own OCs entirely based on summer camps and the design here looks so much like my OC Becca. Who I actually invented this year. Who is this actually meant to be? I have no idea!

Day 14 - Crystal

I actually redrew this in 2018 but I way prefer this version. I liked the art a lot, but her original eyebrows BLED a ton of ink, so I had to stick in a new strip of paper and draw them again. So a little disappointing. But I love the colors of the crystals behind her!

Day 15 - Acorn

Here is where I really started trailing off this year. This is not something I'd usually draw but it was small and cute so I liked it. Not much to say about it really, more of a doodle than anything, and I don't really love the background colors.

Day 16 - Bird

You can tell I'm losing inspiration when I start drawing things I normally wouldn't. Tried to draw a semi realistic peacock for this one. Not so sure I tried my best either because I am actually not bad at drawing birds, but I don't think I really captured the look of the bird. Plus the markers are very streaky.

Day 17 - Hair

Last day I made it to in 2017. Was really burnt out at this point so I just tried some different hair textures. Not much to say.

And there it is! My first two, never before seen, Inktobers from 2016 and 2017! I hope you guys enjoyed looking through these! Wanna see my Inktobers from 2018 and 2019? Since I have talked about them on my Instagram before I decided not to include them here, you just have to search the hashtags below (on insta) see them!

So, that is every Inktober I have joined in! As I mentioned above, this year, 2020, will be my fifth ever! I am using my own prompt list this year with only a 14 day goal as opposed to 31 which also combines with Huevember. If you would like to learn more about the prompt list, check out the post prior to this on!


I hope you enjoyed! If you want to see more from me, subscribe down below! And to view my artwork, follow me on my instagram @raineydaydoodles, and check out all my accounts at

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