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Sketchbook Tours |Sketchbook #1 (2015)

Today I am starting a new series for the blog that I hope to continue about once a month. This is going to be a post where I go through one of my old sketchbooks and show off all the art from it! So this will all be art never shown on my account before. A few of these very old ones were shown in an instagram stream but I thought i'd share it here anyway. We're starting with my oldest "official" sketchbook, from 2015-2016! I'd like to mention that I DID have one sketchbook before this one, but it only had a few drawings in it, and most of them were direct studies or copies of other artists work as I was trying to figure out how to draw certain things. I also have a very old file full of art from maybe 2014 but I GENUINELY cannot bare to show it. All this art is bad enough.

First I have a flip through video of the sketchbook, then we can go a little in depth on each piece:

Now onto the pictures! I have to admit, I did my best at editing these pictures nicely, but they're not perfect. I sketched super lightly in a lot of these pieces and also drew extremely small, so it took a lot of editing to make them even visible. Hopefully they're not too bad!

I don't have a lot to say about most of these, so i'm just going to put all the pictures up and talk a little here and there. This was also back when I was really good about dating my artwork, so in most of these, you can see the exact date I finished them!

  • This art is in a mixed media Canson sketchbook and spans from November 2015 to February 2016, mainly using pencils and sharpies.

<--- First art in the sketchbook! 11/20/15

Somehow when taking pics, I missed the girl in between these two drawings, but she was just a small gel pen sketch so i'm not going to retake the picture.

This art is based on a few dogs from Disney,

but I was trying to use my own style to draw

them. The bottom two aren't Disney.

I really can't stand how gray and bland most of this art is. I was basically only sketching at

this point, using some gel pens occasionaly.

<- Here I got two copics!

THIS is the most advanced piece in this sketchbook by far. I really wanted to try something fully colored and with a complex pose, so since the Star Wars reboot had just came out, I chose to draw Rey. I actually think this was a pretty good attempt! I did this using colored pencils but I really don't know what brand. I was also using a pretty thick black gel pen to ink instead of a lining pen, but I think it turned out okay considering! And for my first attempt at a more advanced pose, I think it really turned out alright!

Also missed pictures of the next two, i'm not really sure how.. one was a quick sketch and the other was some Maleficent fanart. They are in the video though.

Here is a bunch more quick sketches! Mostly these are of some Disney princesses, Rapunzel, Elsa, Anna, Jasmine, and Merida. We also have some Downton Abbey fanart which I think may have been for the show's finale? The top one is of an OC I had at the time but I cannot remember who it was unfortunately!

As you can see, I was experimenting with how I wanted to draw eyes. You can see a lot of these are drawn fairly differently, particuarly in how the eyelashes are drawn, from short and lots of them, to one, uh, absurdly long lash.

This was my favorite piece of art for a long time:

I made this using sharpies on top of mechanical pencil. As far as I can tell, I didn't outline the piece at all. The roses are actually cut out from another drawing, I liked the roses but not the drawing itself, so I cut them out and glued them around her. I'd love to do a redraw of this art at some point to show the progress! I can still really see the image I had in my head of what I imagined, so I would love to try and create it more how I envisioned it to look.

Some side profiles! I believe I found something similar to the first one and tried to redraw it, so I don't take any credit for that pose or character design. I did profiles a lot more back then. I'm actually WORSE at them now, so uh... yeah.

I did this one after seeing Beauty and the Beast on stage. I really dislike this tho..

You will see a good bit of Honey Lemon from BH6 for a while in these sketchbooks - I made it a habit for a few years to draw her once in ever sketchbook. This wasn't my first time drawing her, but the older drawings are in the terrible old folder of all bad artwork, so this is the first one you all will see. I'm not sure why I chose her in particular, I think just because she had a lot of unique outfits. I'm not sure exactly when I dropped the habit but I'm going to guess 2017 for now.

Here's a Gogo to match:

This was another big one for me! Anna and Elsa in their spring outfits. Used colored pencils again on this one, and only inked certain parts for some reason. I remember thinking it was the BEST thing I could probably ever make. Also kinda makes me wanna redraw it... so many redraws I wanna do now..

FINALLY using inking pens:

Finally, here is the last page in the sketchbook -

This was pretty much a screencap redraw of a scene from Doctor Who. I did Amy separately, using colored pencils and pens, then cut her out and glued her on top of the background, which I did with acrylic paints.

I'm kind of surprised at how well the mixed media paper held up to the acrylics. I've done much better acrylic galaxies since then, so I can't wait to show it off in future sketchbook tours! Since I mainly do digital now, i've been moving super slowly on my traditional sketchbooks. But back then, I would usually finish one in just a few months, so I have a lot of them to show off!

I hope you all enjoyed looking through my old sketchbook! I am currently in my 14th sketchbook, so we still have a lot to show off!


I hope you enjoyed! If you want to see more from me, subscribe down below! And to view my artwork, follow me on my instagram @raineydaydoodles, and check out all my accounts at

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