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What's New!! | Raineydaydoodles

A quick post to share some various news with you all! Just a few new things I am excited to show you all!

First and foremost, I have opened a Redbubble!! My username over there is Raineydayprints as Raineydaydoodles was too long unfortunately.

Here are a few of the design options I have available for things such as prints, posters, pillows, and more!

I even have a few more options on the shop!

You can even get these two designs as stickers, magnets, or tees!!

I am hoping to keep updating this shop with more prints with time, and even some sticker packs in the future! I was hoping to open the shop with two sticker packs released but they still need more work, so expect them next Monday! (QUICK REMINDER: I have never had a shop like this one open before. I hope that all of the designs are uploaded correctly to insure good high quality printing. If for any reason you are unhappy with your purchase please let me know so we can work something out and I can fix it for the future! At the moment I am hoping I have everything correct as it was difficult to tell the image's true quality after enlarging it for redbubble, so please let me know if anything is wrong with it such as being blurry, bad colors, etc!)

For other news, I have some new pages up on this blog! First of all is a "Shop Now" Page where you can see what I am selling on both my Etsy and my Rebubble shop! The images there even have direct links to their listings in the shop. You can actually go over there to see the promo code I still have running on my Etsy for 25% off all orders over $10!

The other new page is "Characters" where I will provide links to information on my original characters! I talk about them a lot over on my Instagram so I wanted a good way for you guys to read up about them! I currently only have a few finished, but you can read about my main OCs now, and I will continure to keep updating it with time!

So that is pretty much all, just some quick announcements and news! If you are looking for a real blog post from me, check out my latest post which I am SUPER proud of! I hope you guys enjoy this new opportunity for prints and more from me!

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