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Sketchbook Tours | Sketchbook #2 (2016)

Here is my second ever sketchbook!! I want to start showing off all my old sketchbooks here, so here is the second one I ever used. Like in the last one, there are a few pieces in this sketchbook that I very heavily referenced off of other artwork to practice. I do NOT claim these pieces and I will state any time i believe this occurred. This sketchbook spans from February 2016 to August 2016.

First I will go ahead and show the flip through video, then we can talk about each piece a bit:

Okay, now I will show each picture close up and talk a little about the ones that are interesting! Thankfully in this sketchbook I started inking a lot more so these should be easier to see hopefully! Like last time I wont talk about every picture, so this is more of just a look through.

This art is in a mixed media Canson sketchbook and spans from February 2016 to August 2016. In it I use mechanical pencils, inking pens, and a variety of markers.

< -- First art in the sketchbook, fanart of Meg from Pixar's short Paperman!

The next one is possibly my LEAST favorite art I have ever created. Genuinely whenever I think of what my worst art is, its this. Just why.

This one on the other hand was my favorite piece for a very long time! I really liked the more fluid pose for me at the time and I remember thinking her dress turned out really well. I'm not a huge fan now, but I still have good memories of this piece!

Sorry this one is so hard to see!! And I am not really very into Zootopia, I just wanted to see how

well I could do the art style.

This one to the left is of some very old OCs I once had - I really don't remember much..

I am VERY sure that these next two were referenced from another artist's whose anatomy style I wanted to emulate better. Though I changed some aspects, I do NOT CLAIM THESE PIECES AS MY OWN WORK. They are simply a reference from another artist who I unfortunately do not remember, but I know the second one at least is a very close copy. the only reason I am showing them is to clarify they are not mine as they were in the flip through video.

Back to normal pieces:

This is around where I started trying out these weird cat nose shapes, I am not really sure what I was going for except trying to structure the nose but it lasts a while.

( I believe this pose --> was also directly referenced from another artists work, so I do not claim it as my own as well. That should be all of that in this sketchbook!)

I'm sorry again that so many of these pictures are low quality, it was a struggle getting good lighting when I took these!

The brick wall piece is the first piece I ever colored in completely using markers, and this illustration in particular is what made me purchase my first set of alcohol markers!! This one was done with crayola water based markers I believe.

AND here is when I received my first ever alcohol markers!! (Besides just sharpies..) These were a very very early version of the ohuhu marker. I remember being so happy when I got those markers and here Iwas trying them out!

A piece I did trying to draw my dog in a stylistic way! I tried to follow his real fur patterns pretty closely besides the little eyebrow details. Even though it doesn't look that much like him, I honestly still really like the angular shapes in this piece and considering I struggle with drawing dogs now, I am pretty happy with this one!

Another illustration using my ohuhu markers! I actually still kind of like the idea of this inspiration, I'd love to maybe do a redraw at some point but I am thinking I will wait until after I release my August lineart pack and do the next one as it will be themed around clouds and sunsets and I think this piece would look really cool if all the hair and blobs were clouds!

Trying a background this time!!

This was another one of my faves from the sketchbook! I really like the colors on this one, it would be fun to do an updated version but with fashion I prefer now!

I also still really like the subtle expression she is making her, its kind of difficult to capture.

The one below and to the right really bothers me, you can see the marker smudged all the eyelashes and I remember being so mad..

Second Honey Lemon! As I mentioned last time, for a while I had a habit of drawing her in every one of my sketchbooks. I dropped this at some point but I can't quite remember when so I guess we'll find out by looking back through each of these!

This one below is actually the last one in the sketchbook, but I am also showing some drawings on pieces of paper I had tucked at the back of this book from the same time period.

First, the two first pieces I made ever using watercolors!!

(Sorry for bad lighting and coloration, I am editing these through wix and all of a sudden the editor is down.)

And finally, here are a bunch of OCs at the time that I drew in a different book at first and then stuck them in the back of this one for some reason:

Thanks so much for sticking around to the end of this tour!! I am hoping to show my third sketchbook sometime next month. Let me know down below, which of these pieces should I try to redraw sometime? And tell me if you have read all the way through by telling me your favorite of the 4 girls I drew to test my Ohuhu markers!

Do you wanna fill up a sketchbook? Well I have got inspiration for you! Today on my instagram I released a prompt list full of inspiration for filling a sketchbook. The goal? Finish just one page of a sketchbook per week for the rest of the year! I decided I needed to get back into sketching more and thought I would share my goals with you!

You can find that prompt list here if interested:


I hope you enjoyed! If you want to see more from me, subscribe down below! And to view my artwork, follow me on my instagram @raineydaydoodles, and check out all my accounts at

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