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My Work for my Intro to Graphic Design Class | Raineydaydoodles

Hi Guys! Before I get into this post, I just wanna say sorry it's been a little slow for new posts over here! I hope to get another animation related post out soon. If you're interested in seeing more content from me though, be sure to be subscribed to me on all platforms, like Instagram, Youtube, etc! I also have an Etsy store open where I sell commissions! You can find links to all of those accounts here:

Today I'm hopping back in time a little to show you all a project I worked on for my Introduction to Graphic Design Class back in February. I have a lot more classes to take, but things have been on hold currently. So in the meantime, I thought we could take a look back at the work I did for this class!

Note: Some of these projects have some personal information included, which is why I have them blocked out, with huge ugly white circles.. please do your best to ignore them!


My first assignment was to make a sort of "Meet the Artist" graphic. I needed to include 3 different fonts, a brief description, a color scheme that represented me, and some random facts about myself. Here's what I went with for my first assignment:

This was made in Adobe Photoshop. I found all these fonts from daFont, which I later learned was a bit of an unreliable source, but I do like the fonts I used here. I'm a big fan of sans serif fonts, so that's why I chose all sans. I also incorporated some words in all caps, since my handwriting is in all caps. I felt a little confused about the 3 brand logos to include, but I tried not to overthink it and chose 3 that are either important to me or I think define me in some way.

I was very excited to have my project be shown off in class, iIt was very exciting!

For week 2, we needed to revise that same meet the artist. I decided to keep a lot of aspects the same and just improve upon my basic idea. So I went into Procreate and added in a slow gif, where the colors and fun facts changed! Unfortunately I cannot really show this here on the blog but I kept it pretty similar.

Week 3 started a different project. I needed to create my own personal "brand" logo. The main requirement for this was that the logo needed to be made in Adobe Illustrator. If you're not familiar, Illustrator is a vector program, which basically means everything is made of shapes and not lines. I couldn't just draw my logo as I saw fit, I had to make it out of shapes. It was a struggle to say the least, and I wasn't able to capture what I hoped to. Let's start at the beginning with my brainstorm sketches:

I really wanted to experiment with any and all ideas that came in my head. I didn't want to dismiss anything, so I decided to sketch whatever came to my mind, no matter how silly. I'm so glad I did, because it took a few different sketches for me to even come up with my final design, and I initially thought I would pick a cloud themed design instead of an umbrella themed one. Who knew!

It's sort of difficult to follow my thought process here, but you can see I circled the final design I chose. This logo incorporated everything I wanted to - my chosen color scheme, a rain theme to represent my middle name Raine, and an overall more fun and carefree aesthetic. In the project description, we had been told to make the logo represent our persona, whether that be very professional or more personable. I definitely wanted to come across as more personable and friendly. I think this sketch really captures that. I also circled a few other designs that I do like but chose to go against. The more circular design with a cloud in the middle is one I'd love to use for my own stickers in the future!

Here's how I was able to recreate the logo in Illustrator:

(Sorry for the bad image quality, Illustrator files save as a PDF which Wix will not let me import.)

I don't love how this turned out at all. It feels so boring and mechanical compared to the sketch. But it had taken me almost 8 hours to complete the logo in Illustrator, and I had no more time to continue developing it further, so I turned it in as Complete. I was very thankful that next class we were all able to show off our work to the class and get some feedback, and that my teacher and classmates all agreed the sketch was superior. I knew from there that I was right that the illustrator version had lost its spark, and I needed to figure out some way to fix the logo in the future.

While I had a few different written projects in between where I described my creative brief, I'm going to skip ahead to my final project. I now needed to redo my original Meet the Artist based on what I had learned in the class.

One of the most significant change I made were to include a Serif font, despite my own opinions, since mixing font types is meant to add visual interest to a graphic. I redid the color scheme to fit the new colors I chose to use in my logo, and also included that logo in the top left. As you can see, I redid the logo. I decided that since this redone meet the artist project did not mention using illustrator, I could give it a try making the logo in Procreate, just to see how the design would turn out. I know that for a real logo, using a program like Procreate is a terrible idea, but for the sake of this project and wanting to be able to show my teacher how I had WANTED my logo to look, did it in a program I'm familiar with.

Here is that finished logo:

I enjoy the turnout of this so much more!! I was able to break the shape and make the color sketchy and actually "outside the lines" like my tagline says. I was also able to include the raindrops from my initial sketch in an even more interesting way based on some feedback from a classmate who suggested the raindrops actually be dripping paint from the umbrella. I was obsessed with that idea and had to include it here!

My final thing to show you is a slightly altered version of the above logo. My teacher suggested I swapped the raindrop colors around to make it look even more wacky, to fit with the rest of the logos sort of nonsensical aesthetic. I feel that this results in it being unclear that the paint is dripping from the umbrella itself, and just overall looking a bit too busy, but I was glad to experiment with it!

Which do you prefer? My original version or the altered one? Let me know down below! And tell me if you'd like to see more of my graphic design projects in the future! I know this post was a bit short, but I hope you still enjoyed!

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