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Here you can get to know my personal original characters better! The buttons 

below will take you to links where I have filled out character sheets about

them. They are not all finished yet, so if there is no button than I have not made

that character's sheet yet. But you can learn about them more on my instagram

in the story highlight about their story! These characters all belong to me and 

I hope to one day use them in future comics, graphic novels, etc, but for now

they are just for fun! Enjoy reading!

Learn about my Original Characters!

"Green" OCs

Story Description - Coming Soon

Peter Finch Character Sheet

Siobhan Kelly Character Sheet

Ramona Roberts Character Sheet

"V.O.I.D." OCs

Story Description - Coming Soon

Tonya Waters Character Sheet - Coming Soon

Ellis Geary Character Sheet - Coming Soon

Anthony Kingswood Character Sheet

"Dalton Creek" OCs

"Valleglean" OCs

Story Description, Character Sheets, and More - Go to my WorldAnvil

page to learn all the info on my upcoming comic, still a WIP:

Story Description - Coming Soon

Finley Cooper Character Sheet - Coming Soon

Hannah Bradstone Character Sheet - Coming Soon

Becca Marshall Character Sheet - Coming Soon

Malcom Fields Character Sheet - Coming Soon

Drew Clark Character Sheet - Coming Soon

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